Virtuabotix Yellow DC Gearmotor and Wheel for rover/car

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This gear motor wheel is perfect for your next robotics project. The wheel can be mounted on either side and the gearmotor works well between 3V and 12V (recommended 6 to 8 Volts).

At a ratio of 1:48 you can get some really good torque at 5 Volts, which is why we use it on our Versalino Rove platform.

We have heard of customers doing some really interesting things with these wheels, ranging from opening chicken coop doors, to creating a pully system by removing the rubber part of the wheel. That said, the possibilities are far beyond any one project, and we hope that these help you get your next bot moving in no time flat!

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Package Contents:

1 X Virtuabotix Yellow DC Gearmotor

1 X glorious wheel (mountable on either side of motor)!

Motor Specifications:

Operating voltage: 3V ~ 12V DC (recommended value is 6 ~ 8V)

Maximum torque: (3V)

Speed without load: 170RMP (3V)

Reduction ratio: 1:48

Load current: 70mA (250mA MAX) (3V pm)

Strong anti-interference on this motor keeps it safe around micro-controllers.

Tire Specifications:

Center hole: 5.3MM x 3.66MM

Diameter: 66MM

Width: 2.66MM


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