Virtuabotix XBee 2 mW with 2.4 GHz Wire Antenna (Zigbee Mesh Supported) by Digi

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You begged and begged, and now we finally stock Digi products!

This handy little board gives you access to a whole slew of ways to play with RF communication, and opens up loads of new way's to communicate from project to project (including mesh networking).

There are definitely some applications where the XBee just adds extra overhead, but where the BT2S Bluetooth Master and Slave cannot meet your requirements Digi's line up of XBee products may just give you that extra edge you were craving.

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Package Contents:

Genuine Series 2 XBee with 1 mW Wire Antenna

Basic Pinout guide


Family: RF Transceivers

Series: XBee

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Data Rate – Maximum: 250kbps

Modulation or Protocol: DSSS

Applications: Wireless Mesh Networks

Power – Output: 1dBm

Sensitivity: -96dBm

Voltage – Supply: 2.1 V to 3.6 V

Current – Receiving: 38mA

Current – Transmitting: 35mA

Data Interface: PCB, Through Hole

Antenna Connector: On-Board, Whip

Operating Temperature: -40C to 85C


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