Virtuabotix Two-phase four-wire stepper motor 24BYJ28-0302 (Retired)


The perfect low cost bipolar stepper motor for getting started with stepper motors, and control systems. This motor is fairly small, and provides reasonable operational torque and stepping performance.

Enjoy the accuracy and control that a stepper motor provides without spending an arm and a leg on your motors.

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Package Contents:

Virtuabotix Two-phase four-wire step motor 24BYJ28-0302

Motor Specifications:

Motor diameter: 24 MM

Height: 19 MM (motor + gearbox)

Output shaft: 5 MM (with dual flat bit and the middle screw holes Figure)

Output shaft length: 7.5 MM

Weight: 27 g

Stepper motor: two-phase four-wire.
(Orange: A +, Pink: A-. Yellow: B +, Blue: B-)
(4080 pulses, the output shaft just turn 360 degrees)


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