Virtuabotix Solder Wick 1.5mm Desoldering Braid (RHOS)


Ever had that moment in the middle of a long night of soldering where everything is looking perfect, and your board is just about ready to put into your project? Ever had that moment where you blink your eyes, and all of a sudden you have filled a random pin hole or two with solder? Now you could start over and throw your whole project away, or you could use this handy 1.5mm Desoldering Braid to suck that solder out of the whole in no time flat!

If you aren't familiar with Solder Wick/Desoldering Braid, then you are going to be really happy when you discover how many of your soldering mistakes can be easily cleaned up using the stuff. From desoldering filled holes, to cleaning surface mount pads, everyone who takes their soldering seriously should have some Virtuabotix Solder Wick in their lab.

Stop damaging, or throwing away your projects because of bad solder jobs and get the Virtuabotix Solder Wick solution before you waste anymore time or money doing it wrong!

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Package Contents:

Virtuabotix Solder Wick 1.5mm Desoldering Braid (RHOS)

Technical Specifications of 1.5mm Desoldering Braid

Length:1.5 Meter (4.92 Feet)
Package Type: Spool
Metal (Chemistry): Copper

How to use Desoldering Braid/Solder Wick

There are a lot of ways you can use solder wick to remove solder from a PCB board, but there are also several ways to damage your board by accident if you do not use the desoldering braid properly. This isn’t an all inclusive list, but following these guidelines should prevent most of the problems you are likely to encounter when using this product.

The most important thing to remember when using this tool is that you need to pull the soldering iron and the wick off the board at the same time. If you pull the iron off seperately you have a good chance of ripping a pad off. This happens because the copper cools fairly quickly without heat applied.

The second thing to keep in mind is that you will generally want to apply solder flux to your board or wick to ensure the solder gets sucked up easily. A similar problem you might encounter is there not being enough solder in the hole to actually get sucked up by the solder wick. To solve the problem of too little solder you may have to put more solder on the hole in question (that’s right you have to put more solder in it to get it all out sometimes).

The last piece of advice is to keep the wick a little way away from your fingers because it will get very hot, which as you might guess could be unpleasant. Also you should always cut off the parts of the wick that have solder in them, otherwise they may redeposit solder into adjacent holes.


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