Virtuabotix OEM 532nm 30mW Green Laser


PEW PEW PEW! This Virtuabotix 30mW 532nm OEM Green Laser shoots a brilliant dot of magnificent violet light, suitable for all of your pointing needs. Whether you want to create your own laser pen for office presentations, make a creepy Halloween prop, or simply bother your pets, you’re sure to impress with this handy dandy laser module.

This module is powered by either a power cord OR by battery, there is a convenient on/off button for your using pleasure (battery mode only). The laser modules even come with a threaded end that allows you to add them easily to projects. The sky’s the limit with these most excellent lasers!

*As always don’t look directly into the laser or point it into other people’s eyes, and remember mirrors are reflective surfaces so pointing a laser in a mirror can hurt your eyeballs too… Just don’t do it!

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Virtuabotix OEM 532nm 30mW Green Laser


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