Virtuabotix HDMI to VGA Adapter


We went through a lot of HDMI to VGA adapters before we settled on this one as our favorite, the Virtuabotix HDMI to VGA converter is a solid performing device that requires no drivers and is completely plug and play with just about any system.

It is exactly what you need to get things translated and running quickly, and is ideal for use in presentations, or for anyone who might have to connect up to a VGA port on the road.

We always have one of these handy for road shows and presentations ourselves, and we are proud to carry them so that others can get their laptops, or embedded computers up on display for everyone!

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Package Contents:

Virtuabotix HDMI to VGA Adapter

Technical Specifications

HDMI Gender: Male
VGA Gender: Female

How to use

Plug the HDMI side into your HDMI device… Plug the VGA side into your VGA capable monitor, TV, or projector.

Stand overcome with joy and relief as your display signal is automagically translated from HDMI to VGA, and displayed in all it’s glory before you.


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