Virtuabotix DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Arduino Sensor


We brought you protection from the dangers of heavy metal poisoning; we taught you how to keep your tongue comfortably inside your mouth while gauging the humidity of your surroundings; but still you demanded more, and we listened.

The bigger, better DHT22 not only replaces the DHT11, but we have carefully written a library for it that is 100 Percent compatible with code written for the DHT11 library (of course you have to call and declare a DHT22 instead of DHT1111).

The DHT22 is a robust little one-wire device that can measure both temperature and humidity; it is perfect for almost any indoor or outdoor use and can stand up to a lot more of the elements than its cousin the DHT11!

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Package Contents:

Virtuabotix DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Pin-out and Instruction Pamphlet

Technical Specifications:

Working Voltage : 3.5 to 5V(DC)

One Wire Device (Only requires one communication pin, power and ground still required.)

Temperature Range: -45 to 125 C (-49 to 257 F)

Temperature Precision: +/- 0.5 C

Resolution: 0.1 C Temperature & 0.1 % Humidity

Humidity Range: 0% to 100% (Temperature readings are not accurate while submerged)

Humidity Precision: +/- .5%

Documentation & Libraries

Basic Library and Datasheet:

Library for the Arduino IDE available for download.

Arduino Library Features:

DHT22 Specific (easy config and compatible with code written for DHT11)

Built in unit conversions (C/F/K)

Built in Dew Point Calculations (Standard, and Fast)

Easy to use examples


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