Virtuabotix Color Sensor & Exclusive Lens


Stop reading vague hints of the colors around you, escape the world of washed out Color Sensors with the Virtuabotix Color Sensor and the EXCLUSIVE laser cut pinhole lens that comes with it.

Similar products that we have tested that did not include a pinhole lens only able to take advantage of 0.7 percent of the available spectrum. Not only that but when compared to actual known color systems (i.e. ARGB) the colors were completely washed out shades of white.

It was our opinion that this was absolutely un-acceptable, and so the Virtuabotix Color Sensor was born, and though it has been a long time coming, it is finally here with all of the improvements that you can only find with us! With the improvements we have made to this sensor, and the code that runs it we were able to take what had been 0.7 percent efficient and made the changes necessary to make its readings use 99.2 percent of the available spectrum (As compared to a lens-less color sensor of the same type).

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Package Contents:

• Virtuabotix Color Sensor

• Virtuabotix Exclusive Pinhole Lens

• Pin-out and Instruction Pamphlet

Technical Specifications:

Working Voltage : 3.3V or 5.0V(DC)

Photo-diodes: 3 color photo-diodes (Red, Green, and Blue)

Frequencies: 3 operational frequencies 2%, 20% (recommended) and 100%

Recommended Focal Distance: 1 to 5 inches (adjustments to pinhole opening size are required to alter focal distances; this sensor comes with a fixed aperture.)

Code for the Arduino™ IDE available for download.

Color interpretation software available for Windows.


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