Virtuabotix Buck Regulator Buckboard 5V 3A Voltage Regulator


After enough Versalino projects with 12V or great input it became quickly evident that we needed a better way to regulate high voltages down to 5V for our operational current.

The fact is that for inputs greater than 9 Volts the efficiency of simple CMOS regulators just doesn't cut it anymore, and at 13 Volts and greater you may as well be making a heating element out of the things.

This small high performance Buck Regulator board is designed to be a drop in replacement to the TO220 5V Regulator on your Bareduino or Versalino Project if it requires high voltage input. On top of that it can push out enough juice to run up to 12 Versalino's/Bareduino's with ease.

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Package Contents:

1 x Virtuabotix Buck Regulator Buckboard 1.1 high efficiency 5V 3Amp Voltage Regulator

Technical Specifications:

Type/Composition: Buck Converter

Voltage input: Between 4 and 40 Volts

Efficiency:77% at VIN = 12V and ILOAD = 3A

Voltage output: 5 Volts +- 0.02 Volts

Current: 3.0 Amperes (recommended 2.0 or less without heat-sync)

Package Mounting Type: Through Hole Outputs to standard TO-220 compatible with Versalino Uno, and Bareduino Kits.

Package: TO-220 compatible Buck Regulator

Buckboard Version Update Details:

Following the success of the Virtuabotix Buckboard 1.0 the Virtuabotix Buckboard 1.1 has been designed and released with the following improvements:
The Virtuabotix Buckboard 1.1 now has silk indicators for the VIN, GND, and VOUT of the TO220 compatible header, the silk screen is on the underside of the board where it can be clearly seen for breadboard prototyping.

A getting started guide for the Buckboard is now available with a pin-out reference to improve the ease of use in your projects, and to assist with wiring and reference.


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