Virtuabotix MMA7361 Three Axis Accelerometer for the Arduino and other Electronic Devices


Before awesomeness was invented, people had to tell their robots whether or not they were moving, had fallen over, or were plummeting to their doom. Fortunately for you awesomeness has not only been invented but we have it in stock!

The MMA7361's rapid response time, and high tolerance for noise make it ideal for a great number of projects from balancing a bot to your friendly neighborhood seismology experiment; whatever the case, if acceleration is involved this board has exactly what you need to get off the ground running (literally).

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Package Contents:

Virtuabotix 3 Axis Accelerometer Sensor
Pin-out and Instruction Pamphlet

Technical Specifications:

Working Voltage : 3.3 or 5V(DC) (different input pins for each level)

27.9 (mm) x 16.8 (mm) Profile (Only requires one communication pin, power and ground still required.)

2X5 pin headers (5 pin minimum)

Two sensitivity modes: +-1.5G and +-6G

Usable with any Microcontroller that has Analog Pins (Versalino/Arduino/PIC etc…)

Documentation & Libraries

Advance Library and Datasheet:

-Library for the Arduino IDE available for download

Arduino Library Features:

– Functions to perform auto-calibration.

– Supports output in M/S^2 and G-forces

– Easy to use examples


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