Virtuabotix Audio Jack for sound projects & electronic circuits (Retired)


This is a simple Audio Jack makes it possible to plug a standard audio jack into your next electronic circuit or design. Perfect for connecting custom devices, or reading/making audio signals that can be processed or amplified for use.

This jack has already been used in several applications including the Virtuabotix 4 Pin Audio Jack board, and is a great way to make audio applications more accessible in your next project.

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Package Contents:

•Virtuabotix Audio Jack for sound projects & electronic circuits

Technical Specifications:

Jack Size: 3.5mm
Channels: Stereo (2 channel)
Contacts: 3 (Ground, CH2, CH1)

How to use this component:

This Jack is designed to allow stereo audio processing and transmission. The device is mean’t to be soldered onto your own custom design and to have data read from it or written to it via Analog input or output channels.

This makes it possible to connect traditional audio producing devices to your electronics projects to monitor, or manipulate the sounds that are being transmitted on the existing line. All in all this makes for a much more convenient user interface then attempting to hard wire an audio cable to your project.


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