Virtuabotix Arduino SD Card Reader For Standard SD Cards


This Arduino SD Card Reader/Writer is ideal for many Micro-controller projects (Arduino, Pic, Versalino, etc…) Including (but not limited to) projects involving sensor and other data logging activities. Audio playing and/or recording. Video, Image, and other multimedia storage and retrieval for advanced embedded applications. Processing large quantities of data with a robot, or storing/retrieving items larger than the limited memory available on your microprocessor.

This can be used for a broad range of applications from scientific data collection for biological/geological and other statistical studies in the field, to storing map data for your robots surroundings in and outside the home.

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Package Contents:

Virtuabotix Arduino SD Card Reader For Standard SD Cards

SD Card Reader Pin-out and Instruction Pamphlet

Technical Specifications:

Working Voltage : 3.3 and 5 (VDC both are required)

Requires a SPI Capable Microprocessor

Size limitations are library dependent, but most microprocessors have libraries pre-coded that will support sizes upward of 1GB

7 wires required (including power and ground)

Works with built in Arduino SD Card Library

Features available with current Arduino SD Card Library

The existing features of the Arduino SD Library make it easy to create a Data logger that stores sensor, and other data in a file that can be loaded and processed on a PC, or by another Virtuabotix Arduino SD Card Reader on a different Arduino. There is also a protocol and example that allows you to send a file over the Serial port in raw form, create and delete files, read and write to/from files, get card information like size, name and time updated.

These features make it ideal for storing mapping information, audio, large processing or serving code, logs, images, videos, calculations, and other data that cannot fit into the small built in memory of the Arduino Uno or Mega. There is a wide range of possibilities that open up with the use of an SD card on your embedded Arduino/Versalino projects.


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