Virtuabotix 500g RHOS 1mm Lead Free Solder (2.2% Flux)


This Virtuabotix 500 Gram spool of 1mm Lead Free Solder is a high quality normal sized RHOS solder, perfect for use with medium to large components. The 1mm (0.0393 Inch) diameter wire helps to conserve solder usage and tends to work best with smaller iron tips. Using this solder when appropriate can help to prevent damage to boards and devices from overheating.

We had this solder custom manufactured to ensure that we have full control of quality control, and it is the same solder we use in our own manufacturing process. Chemical mix in our solder is Sn99.3Cu0.7 which means 99.3 percent Tin, and 0.7% Copper and 2.2% Flux, this is one of the most popular mixes because of it’s high quality, and relatively low melting temperature of 227 Degrees C (I know it doesn’t sound low, but for RHOS Lead Free Solder that is definitely not in the high range). The Flux in the solder makes it adhere much better to your parts then solder that does not have Flux in it, and in many cases it eliminates the need for additional Flux altogether.

We have been using our custom solder for years now, and it has performed very well in various design environments. That is why we are really excited to give you the opportunity to use Virtuabotix Lead Free Solder in your next project! Be sure to check out our other Lead Free Solder diameters, and spool sizes if you are looking to work with various pitches, and solder tip sizes.

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Package Contents:

Virtuabotix 500g RHOS 1mm Lead Free Solder (2.2% Flux)

Technical Specifications of Virtuabotix 1mm Lead Free Solder

Package Type: Spool
Diameter: 1mm (0.0393”)
Metal Mix (Chemistry): Su99.3Cu0.7
Flux: 2.2%
Melting Temperature: 227 degrees C (440.6 degrees F)

Virtuabotix Lead Free Solder Resources

The Material Safety Datasheet can be downloaded here:

Click here to download the Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS).

How to use Lead Free Solder

Lead free solder was developed in order to eliminate the use of Lead and other toxic materials from use in the work force, and your home. That said it is still dangerous to inhale large amounts of metal and Flux fumes of any kind, so ensure you use proper solder equipment (like filter fans), and work in a well ventilated room.

Even with the proper equipment you may find that timing your breath to ensure you exhaling during initial melt (when the solder releases most of its fumes) will make the process much more enjoyable and safe.

Lead free solder requires a much greater temperature than leaded solder, and you will likely have to keep your iron at least 20 to 50 degrees hotter than the minimum melting temperature (227 degrees C) in order to get best performance during manufacturing.

In addition to the difference in temperature, if you are used to using leaded solder you may think that you have cold soldered joints while you are getting used to using RHOS solder because it will cool with a slight milky look unlike the bright silvery look of melted lead. In general as long as you have fully melted and adhered the solder to the device and joint, you should not encounter cold joints.


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