Virtuabotix GPS 4 Pin 9600 Baud (Small Antenna)

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Everyone has been asking when we would carry a Virtuabotix GPS unit, and we have been looking at a ton of GPS units. This one is our favorite so far with it's simple clean pin-out, and it's easy to use 9600 baud data-stream integrating GPS into your next project couldn't be easier.

this device is perfect for autonomous Rovers, Boats, and Planes, or any other tracking project you can think of. This particular unit has a very small antenna, which takes much less room, and weighs less than standard sized GPS Antennas, but can take longer to sync up with GPS satellites.

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Package Contents:

Virtuabotix GPS 4 Pin 9600 Baud (Small Antenna)

Pin-out and Quick Reference Guide


Pinout: 4 pins
Voltage: 5V
GPS Data Baudrate: 9600
Antenna Type: Small Sized Wired (included)


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