Virtuabotix 2V 150mA Solar Cell with Wires


Green up your next project with this high quality, easy to use solar cell. The cell comes with a thick protective layer, and pre-wired leads, and provides at least 2V and 150 mA in full light. Putting a few of these in series you should be able to power most Arduino/Versalino projects with ease.

These cells are an excellent way to take your projects off the grid, and with the right charging circuit you should be able to make it a hybrid battery/solar powered project that can run night and day without external power.

We recommend two cells in series for 3.3 volt projects, and three cells in series for 5 volt projects. If you need more than 150 mA you can additionally put cells in parallel to get the right combination.

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Package Contents:

Virtuabotix 2V 150mA Solar Cell with Wires

Technical Specifications

Voltage (Nominal): 2 Volts
Current (Nominal): 150 mA
Size: 54 mm x 54 mm x 2.75 mm

How to use solar in your electronics projects

In nominal (full light) conditions you can treat these solar cells pretty much like batteries, arranging them in series and parallel to create just about any combination of 2V and 150mA. You generally want to account for variations in conditions by planning for 75% or less of nominal output, so if your system must have at least 3 volts to operate you would want to use two cells.

In general you put cells in series to increase voltage, and put cells in parallel to increase current. Putting a battery and charging circuit into your project is another great way to maximize the utility of these cells.


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