Virtuabotix 1 wire 1P DPAD 2.0 Arduino Gamepad Controller


*** All new version 2.0 design with better performance, improved button spacing, and pin-out guide! ***

As promised here is an addon for the Versalino Control board that will give you four more push buttons for your robotics control and human interface projects. This device is perfect for making an Arduino Gamepad or a PC Gamepad with the Arduino Leonardo or a serial interface through an Arduino/Versalino or any other embedded platform that can read a single analog pin and translate that information into data.

This board is a Virtuabotix original, and is made right here in our Portland fab. I am sure it will be a great upgrade to your next Arduino or Versalino project, and I can't wait to see what you do with it!

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Package Contents for Arduino Gamepad Virtuabotix 1 Wire DPAD 2.0:

• Virtuabotix 1 wire DPAD 2.0 Arduino Gamepad Controller for Arduino
• Virtuabotix 1 wire DPAD 2.0 Arduino Quick Start and Pin-out guide.

Perfect for developing your own Arduino Gamepad, or PC Gamepad with an embedded micro-controller.


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