Vetus ST-14 Black Anti-Static Tweezers 110mm HRC40 ESD by Virtuabotix


Stop wasting time and money on cheap tweezers that break and bend while you use them! Don't risk zapping your chips when you could be using state of the art Antistatic technology to protect your projects.

These Anti Static coated Tweezers are also Anti Acid, and Non Magnetic. They are wonderful tweezers when it comes to the soldering and handling IC chips with the utmost care. They really come in handy and are put to great use when it comes to installing and replacing small electronic components.

The Vetus ST-14 Tweezers are some of the most durable tweezers that we have had the privileged of using for building Virtuabotix products. We are glad that we can provide our customers with the same quality of equipment that we enjoy using ourselves.

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Package Contents:

1 x Vetus HRC40 ESD ST-14 Anti-Static 110mm Tweezers by Virtuabotix

1 x Protective plastic cover for tip

Tool Specifications

Type: Anti Static Tweezers

Style: Straight

Total Length: 110 mm

Tip Length: 30 mm

Coating: Black Anti-Static & Anti-Magnetic & Anti-Acid


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