Versalino Uno 1.3 Arduino Compatible Mainboard


The long awaited and glorious new version of the Virtuabotix flagship has finally arrived! The Versalino Uno 1.3 is the same Versalino Uno you know and love with tons of improvements that you, and others like you, have requested. As always the Versalino Uno is made right here in the USA by our team of trained specialists and engineers!

For those of you who haven’t used the Versalino Uno yet, it is an Arduino compatible board that has been completely redesigned to allow for flexible sizing, and loadboard mounting. The flexibility of the system is primarily provided by the standardized Versalino Bus structure that allows for any Versalino Loadboard to connect to your board using only one of the two Versalino Buses.

The board also has a PGM, and Versalino COM port which allows for plug and play operation for devices like the Virtuabotix BT2S, and Virtuabotix GPS (with adapter). The Versalino is named for the versatility of its bus structure and the many uses that our customers have found to integrate it into both commercial and hobby projects/products.

In addition to all of the benefits for project/product and loadboard designers, users of the Versalino save money progressively by not paying for the USB function for each device. Instead, you use a programmer such as the Versalino FTDI to load programs on each board. Because of this fact, this board makes an ideal kit for the classroom environment or for anyone who wants to have lots of projects running that don’t need USB connectivity all of the time.

This version of the Versalino Uno includes a brand new (large) reset button and a lower profile, as well as a ton of other general design and manufacturing improvements. It is also the first product to include our new playing-card style labels, and a custom Indestructo box.

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Package Contents:

Fully Assembled Versalino Uno 1.3 Arduino Compatible Mainboard

Pin-out and Quick Reference Guide
Indestructo Box with Retail Ready Labeling

Technical Specifications:

Processor: Atmega 328 |16 MHz Clock Speed

Memory: Flash 32 KB | EEPROM 1 KB |SRAM 2 KB

Pins: Digital I/O Pins 14 | Analog I/O Pins 6

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation): 6 pins

Versalino Bus(es): 2 (BUSA, BUSB)


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