Virtuabotix Versalino Thermocules (Retired)


This product is no longer carried by Virtuabotix, and this listing is only here for reference.

Who has not run up against a project that required the accurate measurement of temperatures in the range of -200C to 1350C, whilst simultaneously controlling four dual switched industrial relays capable of driving 8 amps of burst (4 amps sustained) current per coil (4 x 2 = 8 Coils)?

Me either, but I have encountered a ton of projects that required more than what other relay or thermocouple products could dish out, so we put together the Thermocules.

This beast of a load board can handle most things you can dish out it's way, and allows for some pretty clever wiring that can get you running mixed move AC and DC high current devices at the same time all using just a single Versalino BUS.

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Package Contents:

Versalino Thermocules

Pin-out and Quick Reference Guide

Standard Builds:

Fully Loaded Versalino Thermocules includes:

4 Dual Switched 8 Amp Industrial Relays (Sustained current of more than 4 Amps per coil is not recommended)

Four removable Screw terminals.

All Circuitry for Thermocouple readings.

K Type Thermocouple cable

Specifications (For standard build):

Relays: 4 x Dual Switched 8 Amp Industrial Relays
Thermocouple Chip: MAX31855KASA+T capable of reading -200C to 1350C

Onboard indicator LEDs help indicate relay activity

Instant Versalino integration, with free code (at time of release and therafter):

Include K type Thermocouple


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