Virtuabotix Versalino Solderfull Breadboard Plus Solderless Breadboard for Circuit Design


Finally a board dedicated to prototyping on the Versalino platform! When putting this board together we took care to make it very similar to a solderless breadboard in that the holes are connected to each-other in split columns in the center.

The Versalino bus is broken out into a convenient female strip perfect for jumper wires, and the sides were designed to support peripheral devices like our SD card reader. In addition to that we have it set up for you to add an additional power rail if needed by your application.

Thank you for all the great product suggestions, we can't wait to see what you put together with this one!

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Package Contents:

•Versalino Solderfull Breadboard with Headers V1S0A

• Mini Solderless Breadboard

• Pin-out and Instruction Pamphlet


• Save hours of pain on your next prototype!

• Designed like a breadboard to allow for the easiest migration from breadboard to soldered prototype.

• The perfect fit for learning how to use the Versalino with other electronics.

• Save hundreds of dollars in development by trying a hardwired version first.


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