Virtuabotix Versalino Sense & Move Board plus Advanced Sensor Pack


Everything that comes with the Sense & Move and the perfect advanced sensor kit (Includes Speaker, DHT22, Ultrasonic, and Accelerometer).

Like all of our boards, this one is compatible with any bus on the Versalino™ platform. The unique design allows for use of an Accelorometer, 3 servos (2 if you wish to use the speaker), a DHT temperture sensor, and a Ultrasonic module. With so many combinations to chose from, we can guarantee that this platform will take care of wiring needs. This board is so awesome it comes standard with the Versalino™ Rove, allowing for autonomous control over rover or the ability to use mechanical arm with the platform. Sense the servos draw alot of current, a seperate voltage regulator has been placed to allow full power while not killing the other devices around them. The Accelerometer has two settings, 1.5G or 6G for sensitivity of gravity and 3.3 or 5 volt depending on your devices output power.

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Package Contents:

Virtuabotix Sense & Move

Pin-out and Instruction Pamphlet

Virtuabotix 3 Axis Accelerometer

Virtuabotix DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Virtuabotix Ultrasonic Sensor

Small Speaker

Some kits include Sensors, Servos or Speakers.

Technical Specifications:

Working Voltage : Factory 5.0 Volts, configurable to 3.3V(DC)

Supports control of:
up 3 Servos or 2 Servos and 1 Speaker

1 x Virtuabotix 3 Axis Accelerometer

1 x Virtuabotix DHT11 or DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

1 x Virtuabotix Ultrasonic Sensor


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