Virtuabotix Versalino Rove Uno 3MM Sumo Full Body DIY Kit (Retired)


We developed this version of the chasis to get improved strength, and for the sumo/puckball battles at our most recent “What If” festival in downtown Colorado Springs.

We were really pleased with the performance of this new chasis, and we can't wait to see what you can do with it.

This kit is designed to allow you to upgrade an existing Versalino Rove, or to use as the base for building your own from scratch. You just need Yellow gear motor & wheels, and the Versalino Uno and loadboards before you have a working Versalino Rove 3MM Sumo (also comes with the non Sumo pieces in case you don't want to install that part).

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Versalino Rove Uno 3MM Sumo Full Body DIY KitContents:

• Versalino Rove Uno 3MM Sumo Full Body Laser Cut parts (for Versalino Uno)

• Metal Ball Wheel Assembly

• 7 x 20 mm 2mm Bolts

• 7 x 2mm Bolt risers

• 14 x 2mm Nuts

• 10 x 1.18 inch 2.8MM bolts

• 10 x 2.8mm Nuts

NOTE: May take up to 5 days depending on color selected.
Get thicker, vibrant acrylic, and all new features with the 3MM Sumo Versalino Rove body. Upgrade your existing rover, or build one from the ground up (Gearmotor and wheels sold separately)


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