Virtuabotix Versalino FTDI USB to Serial Programmer (No Cable)


This is the result of our quest to make it easier to program the Versalino Uno, and our search for a better way to interface the computer with alternative Serial Communication devices. (Device such as the BT2S Slave, BT2S Master and other communication devices in development.)

Ultimately it became clear that none of the existing products fixed all of the problems we wanted to fix, so we decided instead to design our solution. The Versalino FTDI sets out to fix everything we didn't like about existing Serial UART boards while adding extra features to make things even more awesome.

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Package Contents:

Versalino FTDI (In protective foam)
Pinout Guide

Technical Specifications

FTDI Based USB to Serial Converter
-(Supported by almost all operating systems)
Built in Tx and Rx LEDs
Built in Versalino COM port
(Compatible with BT2S Line)
Program the Versalino/Arduino Lilypad instantly!
Loads of extra AWESOME!

More About the Versalino FTDI

The first thing you will probably notice is that it is gear shaped; that alone does not give it any special powers, but it definitely makes it cooler.

The second thing is that instead of having to scratch of leads and re-solder to change voltages we decided to put a switch to make it easy to go from 3.3 V to 5.0 V.
The third modification is the addition of a Versalino COM compatible port which allows you to connect two computers directly using any Versalino COM compatible device such as our BT2S Slave and Master. It also allows you to configure those devices without the use of an Arduino/Versalino or any of the hassles of wiring things up yourself. Using this device when paired with a COM devices allows you to communicate with your bot in entirely different ways from before.

For those who have been looking for it we are the first company who has actually included the FTDI recommended configuration for reducing the Electromagnetic Interference caused by the connection of the USB cable to the FTDI port.


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