Versalino Control 1.0 Gamepad Loadboard for the Versalino

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We love to control our robots with our phones and computers, but isn't it high time we have a way to control them with something a little more familiar?

This configurable game pad controller was designed for the Versalino to provide multiple different control configuration possibilities. By making the controller Versalino accessible it maintains a small size and affords the user access to all of C++ and the Arduino IDE for it's control capabilities.

You don't have to be stuck with the standard options available from other control applications and designs. This controller is an open platform ready for you to design a system around it.

Supports 1 Joystick, and 1 POV button pad (release expected 15 AUG 2013) or slider (release expected 1 SEP 2013). It also has 1 RGB LED for interaction & team indication, and 2 general purpose buttons built in.

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Package Contents:

• Versalino Control 1.0 Gamepad Loadboard for the Versalino


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