Van De Graaff Generator ArTec Static Shocker Electricity kit (Retired)


Have you ever rubbed a balloon on your little sister's head? Used a photocopier, gotten shocked from rubbing your feet on the carpet, or saw a lightning bolt dart across the night sky, and wondered, what it is, and how it works? Well, that's what we're here for.

Explore and understand the scientific phenomenon of Static Electricity. Learn about positive and negative charges,

In this kit, you will find a marvelous little device called a Van de Graaff Generator, which will allow you to perform a variety of fascinating experiments. Levitate a disk in the air, make a metal jellyfish, light a fluorescent tube, become a path for electricity, and several other fun things to do.

artec static shock illustration

Van De Graaff Generator ArTec Static Shocker Electricity kit illustration

IMPORTANT! Use under direct supervision from an adult, for children 8 years and up. Do not use around wall outlets, electrical appliances, or flammable materials. Do not use around people who use a pace maker or other sensitive medical devices. Keep out of reach of small children, small parts.

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Package Contents:

ArTec Static Shocker Electricity kit

– Van de Graaff Generator x 1
– Mirrored Tape x 5
– Study Guide for learning about static electricity, and basic electronic principles related to the generation and use of Static Eltricity, and other electronics.


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