Virtuabotix 9V Battery Adapter for Versalino ID 1.35 mm OD 3.5 mm


Consumer surveys have shown that electronics are often more entertaining when powered on. So… powering your Versalino or Loadboard may have crossed your mind. If so there are a lot of options, and if you were planning on powering your board with a nine Volt battery than you have stopped at the right page.

Each of these cables is put together in the US, and should get things running for you in no time flat.
First of all if you were wondering the Versalino and MotorMaster use a Type E Plug, which as luck would have it comes with most variable DC supplies, but if you are going to pick one up you should definitely verify as much.

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Package Contents:

• 1 x 9V Type E Power Adapter

Technical Specifications:

Type/Composition: Type E Connector

Battery Type: 9V

Length: 150 mm

End type: 3.5 mm Outer Diameter by 1.35 mm Inner Diameter


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