Virtuabotix Small Motherboard Speaker (works on Sense & Move)


This humble device is the perfect tool to bring tones to your next project. Whether you are just trying to get your computer motherboard to beep at you when you put the wrong memory in it again, or you are trying to annoy or amaze your friends with your next Arduino or Versalino project, this is exactly what you are looking for.

Of course a speaker this small is only suited for the output of basic tones, but for most controller projects that is more than sufficient.

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Package Contents:

• 1 x Small Internal Motherboard Speaker

Technical Specifications:

Family: Speakers

Type: Magnetic

Style: Standard Computer Motherboard female Speaker Connector

Audio quality: Low fidelity audio only, intended for beeps and tones only

Mounting Type: Free Hanging

Termination Style: 4 by 1 female header – 1.4″ cable


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