Raspberry Pi Camera Board 5MP Omnivision 1080p @ 30fps (Retired)


The Raspberry Pi Camera is extremely small allowing for the perfect fit for any application where resolution, size, and weight are important. Once a short ribbon cable (included) is connected between the camera and the BCM2835 processor on the Pi, using the CSI bus, you are ready to get started. This setup allows for a higher bandwidth link which carries pixel data from the camera back to the processor.

The camera is supported in the latest version of Raspbian, Raspberry Pi's preferred operating system.

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Package contents:
-Raspberry Pi Camera Board
-15 pin MIPI Camera Cable
-Product pamphlet

The Raspberry Pi Camera Board Features:
-Fully Compatible with Both the Model A and Model B Raspberry Pi
-5MP Omnivision 5647 Camera Module
-1.4 µm X 1.4 µm pixel with OmniBSI technology for high performance (high sensitivity, low crosstalk, low noise)
-Optical size of 1/4″
-Automatic Image Control Functions:
— automatic exposure control (AEC)
— automatic white balance (AWB)
— automatic band filter (ABF)
— automatic 50/60 Hz luminace detection
— automatic black level calibration (ABLC)
-Programmable controls for frame rate – AEC/AGC 16-zone size/position/weight control, mirror and flip, cropping, windowing, and panning
-Still Picture Resolution: 2592 x 1944
-Video: Supports 1080p @ 30fps, 720p @ 60fps and 640x480p 60/90 Recording
-15-pin MIPI Camera Serial Interface – Plugs Directly into the Raspberry Pi Board
-32 bytes of Embedded one-time programmable (OTP) memory
-Digital video port (DVP) parallel output interface
-Size: 20 x 25 x 9mm
-Weight 3g


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