Artec PC Controlled Robot STEM Tracer kit ages 10+


An excellent addition to the classroom and a perfect system for the aspiring engineer. This PC Programmable Control Tracing robot is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 Operating Systems via a drag and drop interfaces in order to program the robot.

This robot is super easy to program with free downloadable software (see resources tab below), and makes for a perfect introduction to drag and drop programming interfaces and general robotic controls. Anyone can program the robot by connecting the robot by wireless optical programming just using your computer screen (Light Command Prompt). The drag and drop commands makes programming the robot real simple. The robot can be used to navigate and roam anything from the most simple to very complex courses. The Line Tracing Mode will detect any black line drawn on any white background course using light sensors.

The robot check sheet is for measuring the robot movements. This kit includes a test course with goals that the robot can accomplish. The record sheet is in order to keep track of the input variables in order for the robot to successfully complete navigation.

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Package Contents:

Artec PC Controlled Robot STEM Tracer kit ages 10+

Worksheets Included:
-Detailed instructions for programming and operation.
-Robot check sheet for measuring robot movements.
-Includes a test course with various goals.
-Record sheet for keeping track of input variables for successful navigation.

– Circuit board set x 1
– Wheel x 2
– 21-hole metal fitting x 1
– 5-hole metal fitting x 1
– U-shaped bracket x 2
– Step bracket x 2
– Bracket x 3
– Double-sided tape x 1
– Rubber band for wheel x 2
– Rubber band x 1
– Spacer (orange) x 2
– Spacer (green) x 2
– Screw (dia. 4 x 12mm) x 2
– Screw (dia. 4 x 5mm) x 7
– Nut (dia. 4mm) x 9
– Screw (dia. 3mm) x 1
– Nut (dia. 3mm) x 1
– Rivet x 2


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