Pololu DRV8835 Dual DC/Single Stepper Motor 1.2 A (1.5 A peak) 2-11V Driver Carrier


The DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver chip from TI is an amazingly robust chip for it's tiny size. It can run two motors at 1.2 amps continuously, or 1 motor in parallel with itself at 2.4 amps even though the entire board is only the size of a 14 pin DIP package. These boards can even be stacked on top of each-other to run greater loads (just make sure you are heat syncing properly for large loads).

All in all these as small and simple ways to drive small dc and stepper motors with any microcontroller or microprocessor. It can be tough to heat sync such a small chip though so be careful how much load you put on it unless you know you have it synced just right. This board is primarily recommended for light duty motor control, but does an excellent job in the right project.

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Package Contents:

Pololu DRV8835 Dual DC/Single Stepper Motor 1.2 A (1.5 A peak) 2-11V Driver Carrier


Dual-H-bridge motor driver: can drive two DC motors or one bipolar stepper motor
Motor supply voltage: 2–11 V
Logic supply voltage: 2–7 V
Motor outputs can be paralleled to deliver 2.4 A continuous (3 A peak) to a single motor
Two possible interface modes: IN/IN (outputs mostly mirror inputs) or PHASE/ENABLE (one pin for direction and another for speed)
Inputs are 3V- and 5V-compatible
Under-voltage lockout and protection against over-current and over-temperature
Reverse-voltage protection on the motor supply
Compact size (0.7″×0.4″) with the form factor of a 14-pin DIP package

Wiring and usage:

DRV8835 Board Usage Guide


Minimal wiring diagram for connecting a microcontroller to a DRV8835 dual motor driver carrier in phase-enable mode.

Simplified drive/brake operation with MODE=1 (PHASE/ENABLE)
xPHASE xENABLE xOUT1 xOUT2 operating mode
1 PWM L PWM reverse/brake at speed PWM %
0 PWM PWM L forward/brake at speed PWM %
X 0 L L brake low (outputs shorted to ground)

Advanced usage with IN/IN mode

In In mode diagram for DRV8835

Drive/coast or drive/brake operation with MODE=0 (IN/IN)
xIN1 xIN2 xOUT1 xOUT2 operating mode
0 0 OPEN OPEN coast (outputs off)
0 PWM L PWM reverse/coast at speed PWM %
PWM 0 PWM L forward/coast at speed PWM %
PWM 1 L PWM reverse/brake at speed 100% − PWM %
1 PWM PWM L forward/brake at speed 100% − PWM %
1 1 L L brake low (outputs shorted to ground)


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