Pololu 100 Ft Green Stranded Copper Wire (30 AWG)


Don't forget to add this high quality Red Stranded Copper Wire to your inventors kits at home, nobody can call themselves an Electronics geek without a few bundles of wire to boast about! This wire is nicely packaged and spooled to allow for easy mounting to your peg boards at work or home, and comes in a variety of colors (though this one is specifically Green).

Let's check, yup the surveys say: “Wire is an excellent way to get things wired up.” That said we here at Virtuabotix can't wait to see what you put together with yours!

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Package Contents:

100 Foot spool of Pololu Green Stranded Copper Wire (30 AWG)

Technical Specifications:

Color: Green

Material: Plastic + copper wire

Wire Style:Stranded

Wire length: 100 Foot

Wire Gauge: 30 AWG

Outer diameter (of wire itself): 1.1mm


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