Plugged Bitalino ECG Module (Retired)


Be still my beating heart! The Plugged Bitalino ECG Module (electrocardiogram) can be used for any science experiment or activity that can utilize heartbeat data such as in the fields of: Biology, Physiology, Human medicine, Psychology, etc.

FYI, an electrocardiogram is a very commonly used medical device which measures and graphs the heart’s electrical activity. Every single heartbeat is a very complex event which involves many anatomical locations undergoing changes in their electrical charges. A depolarizing cascade event originates in the Sinoatrial Node, which is often referred to as the natural pacemaker, and travels throughout the rest of the heart. Pretty neat huh?!!!

It pairs well with our Covidien Disposal Surface Electrodes, or Dual 2in Electrode leads and is designed to be used with the Plugged Bitalino Cable. This little module is also pretty handy as a replacement part for the Plugged Bitalino EMG/ECG/EKG/EDA/LUX/ACC Sensors for Raspberry PI, PC, & Android, which we proudly carry for your convenience!

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Plugged Bitalino ECG Module


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