Star Projector ArTec Planetarium Kit for kids (Retired)


With this awesome build it yourself star projector kit from Artec, you can transform your room into your very own planetarium!

Have you ever visited an observatory, or rural areas and seen the stars above twinkling in all their brilliant glory? Do you know what the constellations are?

Light up your walls and ceilings at night, and observe accurate northern hemisphere constellations using the latitude and longitude settings, as well as adjust time and month with the easy and fun kit!

Nurture a love for science! Included are easy to understand and illustrated instructions that will help you and your child to plan out this paper craft & electronics project, put it all together, and learn how to use it.

IMPORTANT: Small parts, please keep away from small children!

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Package Contents:

Artec Planetarium Star Projector Kit Ages 8+

Main cardboard x 1
Base part left x 1
Base part right x 1
Base rectangle part x 1
Base support part x 1
Rectangular constellation board A x 1
Rectangular constellation board B x 1
Round constellation board A x 1
Round constellation board B x 1
Scaled disk x 1
Round rod x 1
Paper tube (slim) x 1
Paper tube (wide) x 1
Size AA battery holder x 3
Switch x 1
Plastic conductive wire x 1
Plug x 8
Miniature bulb (with socket) x 1
School glue x 1
Plastic ring x 4
Double-sided tape (thick) x 1
Double-sided tape (thin) x 8

A Little Bit About Constellations

A Constellation, or more technically speaking, Asterisms, are internationally defined areas of the celestial sphere. These patterns are formed by the prominent stars from Earth’s viewpoint of the night sky. When an astronomer refers to an object being within a given constellation, they mean it is within the boundaries of one of these defined areas of sky.

To see a full and detailed list, as well as a plethora of fascinating information, please visit the International Astronomical Union’s site!


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