PiFace Digital Expansion Board for Rasberry Pi (Retired)


The PiFace was designed to address the problem that anyone who has attempted to design a Robotics, or Systems control core with the Raspberry Pi has likely already discovered. That is that the Raspberry Pi is simply a Linux embedded computer, and that attempting to directly control a robot with it other than through a serial communication with an Arduino, Versalino or other similar device can get really tricky.

This board saves you the trouble of developing in two systems at once, and gives you a wide range of capabilities including 8 status LED's, 2 10 Ampere Relays, and a host of input and output expansions. On top of that there is support for programming in Python, C, and Scratch directly on your Raspberry Pi.

Check out the getting started guide for tons more on how to use the board, and take advantage of the resources that have already been put together to make it super easy to use in your next project.

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Package contents:

PiFace Digital Expansion Board for Rasberry Pi

Technical Specifications:
-2 Changeover relays
-8 Open-collector Outputs
-8 Digital Inputs
-8 LED indicators
-4 switches
-Easy to use with Python, Scratch and C
-Graphical emulator and simulator

More Information:
This loadboard/expansion board for the Raspberry Pi is designed to expand the input and output capabilities of the Raspberry Pi, and to provide an easy to use interface for the development of Robotics, and system control applications using the Raspberry Pi board without having to design a complex hardware solution every time.

You should be able to get the board up and running in practically no time, especially if you refer to the getting started guide while you are getting used to the boards capabilities.


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