PACE Tip Maintenance Station (Last ones!)

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Have an issue with crud on your soldering tips? Boy, do we have a solution for you! With our PACE Tip Maintenance Station you can easily maintain and clean the crud right off those little suckers.
This nifty kit comes with a bunch of handy stuff like a cleaning station/sponge dish (complete with instructions on how to assemble), sponges for your tray, a sponge cleaning tool with 5 replacement sponges, and finally a fiber cleaning tool with two replacement fiber fillers. Those dirty tips never stood a chance!

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Package Contents:

PACE Tip Maintenance Station Kit

Cleaning Station with:

Seven Sponges

Rubber Pads, one large, and four small for the bottom of the station

One Scew and thumb nut

Fiber Brush tool

Two Brush Fiber Refills

Sponge Cleaning tool

Five Replacement Sponges


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