PACE TD-100 IntelliHeat Thermodrive Iron Kit (Retired)


This snazzy PACE TD-100 IntelliHeat Thermodrive Iron Kit is the perfect accompaniment for the WJS 100/E System, complete it with the 1128 Series soldering tips (Sorry, Tip(s) not included).
It’s so smart that when it’s placed into it’s Instant Setback Cubby, after a mere 45 seconds the tip temperature will cut in half to maximize tip life, talk about efficiency! Not only that the PACE TD-100 Kit’s temperature recovery is almost instantaneous when it’s removed from it’s cubby, no fuss no muss!
This sweet little kit comes complete with a Rubber Removal Pad, a brass tip cleaner and a sponge in the sponge well. Those people at PACE really thought of everything!

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Package Contents:

PACE TD-100 IntelliHeat Thermodrive Iron Kit

1- TD-100 handset
1- Tip and tool stand for the TD-100
1- Rubber Removal Pad
1- Brass tip cleaner
1- Sponge

Technical Specifications of PACE TD-100 IntelliHeat Thermodrive Iron Kit

Power Requirements: 97-127 VAC, 50/60Hz, 90 Watts Max/197-253 VAC, 50/60Hz, 90 Watts Max
Control LED Display
Control Technology: IntelliHeat
Tip to Ground Resistance: 2 ohms or less
Temperature Accuracy Meets or exceeds: ANSI-J-STD
Absolute Temperature Stability°: 1.1°C (° 2 °F) at idle tip temp.
Temperature RangeTip Heater Compatible Handpieces: 205° to 454°C (400° to 850°F) Nominal
SensaTemp Compatible Handpieces: 176°(Dial)or 37°C (Digital Display) to 482°C (350°(dial)or 100° (Digital Display) to 900°F) Nominal
System Can be Calibrated


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