PACE 1124-0038 Angled Single-Sided Chisel Tip (Fine Pitch)


This angled side chisel tip 1124-0038 is designed to work with the PACE TD-100 Iron and is a great way to get to those hard to access fine pitch soldering points. All in all an excellent rework and SMT manufacturing iron.

The fine point of this tip makes it ideal for small pads and pins, and ideal for leaded solder applications. That said this tip is still large enough that it is suitable for lead free applications, but it may take more time to heat pads and leads to the melting point that leaded solder may require. Our larger chisel tip may be better for larger soldering surfaces.

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Package Contents:

1 X PACE Angled Single-Sided Chisel Tip (Fine Pitch) 1124-0038


Tip Type: Angled Single-Sided Chisel Tip
Nozzle Dimensions: 1.50mm (0.06″)
Intended Handpiece/Iron: TD-100 Iron
Applications: Fine Pitch soldering
Temperature Recommendations (these are general purpose thermal suggestions, see solder instructions/datasheet from your solder supplier for specific melting/operational ranges for it’s particular chemical make up).

-Leaded (non-ROHS): 183 – 215 Degrees Celcius (361–419 Fahrenheit)

-Lead Free (ROHS): 250 – 385 Degrees Celcius (482–725 Fahrenheit)
(Lead Free melting temperatures Vary greatly based on chemical make up, and should be adjusted accordingly)


How to maximize tip life:


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