Makey Makey Invention Kit, Computer Interface Developer (Retired)


If you have ever wanted to control your computer with everyday objects like apples and oranges, or even other people then you will be really excited about what the Makey Makey will allow you to do with your next project! Out of the box the inventors kit can control the four Arrow Keys, Spacebar and letters W, A, S, D, F, and G on your keyboard. On top of that it can also control mouse click, and motion.

Invented by Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, this open source board is made by JoyLabz, and is the perfect addition to a lot of computer control projects that need to be a little more innovative about their user interface.

All in all this is an excellent tool for turning conductive objects into mouse and keyboard inputs, and being based on the Arduino it can also be reprogrammed to control keys and mouse actions in different ways that are not already programmed onto the board. This makes it a great choice for beginners and advanced users alike.

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Package Contents:

Makey Makey Invention Kit, Everyday Objects to Keyboard/Mouse

-Main board x 1
– 6ft (2m) USB Cable x 1
– Alligator Clip Cables x 7
– Connector Wires x 6

How to use your Invention Kit

There are tons of projects out there already, but in general you can simulate keyboard and mouse input through anything conductive. Just plug in the adapters to something conductive (like say a Banana), and while holding the ground wire touch it to trigger the key press.

A good way to test your set up is to open a word processor and see if you can type out any of the real keys like (w,a,s,d) by touching the object you have connected.


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