Industrial Shields ARDBOX PLC PNP (IS.AB20PNP.Base) (Retired)


If you have ever needed an Arduino based Industrial solution to your 24Vcc Input Output control problems, the ARDBOX PLC PNP (IS.AB20PNP.Base) is exactly what you have been waiting for! Industrial Shields has produced an excellent quality product that is DIN Rail mountable, and provides you all of the comforts of a standard industrial PLC while being programmable using the Arduino IDE and any code that could be run on the Arduino Leonardo (which is the board at this devices core).

This system provides a much needed avenue for engineers, designers, factories, and anyone else to implement highly reliable solutions that allow for extremely creative and powerful coding in C++ while offering the mounting hardware, reliability, and safety measures required in an industrial or manufacturing environment.

The ARDBOX PLC is also available in RELAY, and TCH versions (ANALOG models available for special order if you contact Virtuabotix Sales).

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Package contents:

Industrial Shields ARDBOX PLC PNP (IS.AB20PNP.Base)

Technical Specifications:
-Ardbox model: PNP
-Input Voltage: 24Vcc
-Max Current (I Max.): 0, 5A
-Size (Dimensions):101mmx45.5mmx120mm
-Clock Speed: 16MHz
-Flash Memory: 32KB (5K used by bootloader)
-Communications: I2C/USB & Serial Communications
-Total Input Points: 6
-Total Output points: 14
-Expandability: 12C-127 Elements
Type of signals:
-Analog Input 10bit (0-10Vcc):6
-Digital Input (24Vcc):6
-Digital Output (24Vcc):14
-Relay (220Vac – 5A): 8

A Quick datasheet is available here (This unit is under the PNP column): Ardbox PLC Datasheet
A full user manual is also available for the ARDBOX PLC Family:Full User Guide for the Ardbox family

More Information:
This device is mean’t for relay control in an Industrial or high performance setting, and has an Arduino Leonardo at it’s core. It provides a high level of performance, and all of the coding and USB features that come standard with the Arduino Leonardo (including USB Mouse and Keyboard simulation if needed).

The ARDBOX PLC is DIN Rail mountable, and supports 24Vcc native input voltage to make it very easy to integrate with any existing setup. The device is currently programmable using the Arduino IDE (A free and open source C++ compiler), and may support other Industrial programming languages in the near future.


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