Elenco Snap Circuits RC Snap Rover (Retired)


We are excited to bring you this fantastic Snap Circuits RC Snap Rover designed and manufactured by Elenco!

If you are a fan of the popular Snap Circuits line, we're sure you'll enjoy this educational vehicle!

Build your very own Snap Rover using the colorful and easy to understand Snap Circuits parts! With no need to solder, you can put this car together easily, while gaining an understanding of what all the different components are, and what they do.

Once your Snap Rover is completed, you can navigate on three frequencies with the remote control. Propel your Rover around using forward, back, left and right controls. Have fun in the dark, too! This Rover is equipped with built in lights.

IMPORTANT Use under adult supervision. Contains small parts, keep away from small children!

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Package Contents:

Elenco Snap Circuits RC Snap Rover Ages 8-108

– Rover Body #SCRB x 1
– Remote Control Unit Antenna #6SCTX1A x 1
– Base Grid #SCBG x 1
– One Snap Wire #6SC01 x 2
– Two Snap Wire #6SC02 x 6
– Three Snap Wire #6SC03 x 2
– Four Snap Wire #6SC04 x 1
– Five Snap Wire #6SC05 x 1
– Six Snap Wire #6SC06 x 1
– Seven Snap Wire #6SC07 x 1
– 0.2 μF Capacitor #6SCC1 x 1
– 100 μF Capacitor #6SCC4 x 2
– White LED #6SCD4 x 1
– 100 Ω Resistor #6SCR1 x 1
– 1k Ω Resistor #6SCR2 x 4
– R/C Receiver #6SCRX1 x 1
– Slide Switch #6SCS1 x 1
– Motor Control IC # 6SCU8 x 1
– Horn #6SCW1

(note, colors may vary on these)
– Jumper Wire (orange) 6SCJ3A x 1
– Jumper Wire (yellow) 6SCJ3B x 1
– Jumper Wire (green) 6SCJ3C x 1
– Jumper Wire (purple) 6SCJ3D x 1
– Jumper Wire (gray) 6SCJ3E x 1
– Jumper Wire (white) 6SCJ3F x 1

Master Dimensions:
Unit Dimensions:
Master Weight:
Unit Weight:

Features of the RC Snap Rover

Left and right turning control
Goes forwards and backwards
Headlight & Red and Blue side lights
Wireless 27MHz multi-Channel remote control
Run up to 3 cars at the same time
No Soldering required
All parts snap together with ease
Watch colorful gears move
Sound Effects
Easy to identify color coded parts
Full color assembly manual
Build over 20 projects
Includes over 30 parts


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