Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. Model SC-100 (Retired)

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We are happy to carry Elenco's Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Kit!

Make learning electronics fun and easy by following the easy to understand pictures in the manual! Build 100 different exciting projects including a Flying Saucer, Spin Draw, Sound Activator, Alarms, and many more!

Build and play electronic games with your friends.

All the electronic parts and components are mounted onto plastic modules to eliminate frustration and broken parts. (and just like the name says, snap together easily!) Have a great time while learning quite a lot about how electronics work.

No tools required, includes “Projects 1-101” Fully illustrated manual.

IMPORTANT! Please keep away from small children, small parts.

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Package Contents:

Elenco Snap Circuits Jr Ages 8-108

– Base Grid 11″x 7.7″ #6SCBG x 1
– One Snap Wire #6SC01 x 3
– Two Snap Wire #6SC02 x 6
– Three Snap Wire #6SC03 x 3
– Four Snap Wire #6SC04 x 1
– Five Snap Wire #6SC05 x 1
– Six Snap Wire #6SC06 x 1
– Whistle Chip #6SCWC x 1
– Slide Switch #6SCS1 x 1
– Press Switch #6SCS2 x 1
– Photo Resistor #6SCRP x 1
– Red Light Emitting Diode #6SCD1 x 1
– 2.5V Lamp #6SCL1 x 1
– Battery Holder (for AA type batteries) #6SCB1 x 1
– Speaker #6SCSP x 1
– Music Integrated Circuit #6SCU1 x 1
– Alarm Integrated Circuit #6SCU2 x 1
– Space War Integrated Circuit #6SCU3 x 1
– Motor #6SCM1 x 1
– Fan #6SCM1F x 1
– 100Ω Resistor# x 6SCR1
– Black Jumper Wire #6SCJ1 x 1
– Red Jumper Wire # x 6SCJ2

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