Element14 BeagleBone Breadboard (Rev A1)

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If you ever wanted to work directly with hardware on an Embedded Linux system then the BeagleBone Breadboard (Rev A1) is perfect for you! It provides a simple prototyping space to expand your BeagleBone or BeagleBone Black, and can make the challenging task of hardware interfacing a whole lot easier.

The PCB solder prototyping area on the board is configured into rows and columns of solder connections (see prototype configuration image). It also includes two general-purpose LEDs that are mapped to an 8-pin female header, two tactile switches, and two 46-pin connectors that can be used to stack additional boards if more space is needed. The adhesive solderless breadboard can be attached to the PCB and features 34 five-connection rows split equally into two sides. Using the board is a snap, you just plug it into the top of your Beaglebone, and start plugging devices in.

Warning: It is recommended that you always have your BeagleBone powered off while wiring electronics to it in order to prevent damage to your devices.

If you have any plans to develop hardware on the Beaglebone platform this board is a must have in your tool-set. Don't waste hours that could be spent prototyping by ignoring this handy upgrade.

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Package Contents:

Element14 BeagleBone Breadboard (Rev A1)

– Main PCB x 1
– 170-Point Solderless Breadboard x 1
– 140-Piece Breadboard Jumperwire Kit

Technical Specifications:


-294 Point Solder Prototyping Area
-2 x 46-Pin Stackable Headers
-1 x 8-Pin Female Header
-2 x 470 Ohm 1/4W 5% Resistors
-2 x Green 3mm 20mA 2.12V LEDs
-2 x .05A 24V Tactile Switches

Mechanical Specifications:

-Size: 2.15” x 3.40”
-Layers: 2
-PCB Thickness: .062”
-3D Graphics Accelerator
-RoHS Compliant

Solderless Breadboard

-Size: 1.8” x 1.37”
-170 Solderless Prototyping Area (2 x 34 row x 5 col)
-Adhesive backing

Jumperwire Kit

-Wires (10 x .1”, .2”, .3”, .4”, .5”, .6”, .7”, .8”, .9”, 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5” each)

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