Bright LED 4 Digit (7-Segment) Display – by Virtuabotix (Retired)


Do you need a display to show off your next project? This 4 Digit (7-Segment) Display is perfect for projects that need to display clock time, counters, range data, temperatures, or just about anything that uses up to 4 numbers to represent the data. The dimensions allow for easy prototyping on standard breadboards. Get yours today and complete your project!!

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4 Digit (7-Segment) Display Specifications:
– Continuous uniform segments
– Low power requirement
– Excellent characters appearance
– Solid state reliability
– Categorized for luminous intensity
– Multiplex drive common anode
– Black face, white segments
– Dimensions (L x W x H): 40.18 mm X 12.8 mm X 7 mm
– Width between pin Columns: 10.16 mm

BQ-M362RD-A Datasheet


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