Bitalino Resurrection Board


The Pololu Maestro 24 Channel Servo and general purpose IO controller is an even more amazing version of our extremely popular 6, 12, and 18 channel Maestro controllers. This board is designed to control large numbers of Servos, but can be programmed using a custom version of Basic programming and a free IDE from Pololu to run and read tons of other devices.

There are very few boards as perfectly designed to run large numbers of Servos and other PWM devices as the Maestro series boards, making this the ideal addition to many robotics, and general purpose control projects over a wide range of end uses. With 0.25μs resolution and built-in speed and acceleration control, and even general I/O controller capability (e.g. to interface with a sensor or ESC via your USB port), this board is perfect for a wide range of tasks, and can save you loads of development time.

There are already tons of robotic arm, and other control projects using these Maestro’s, and now you can control even more with 24 channels.

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Package Contents:

Bitalino Resurrection Board

Usage Instructions

Solder Female headers onto the Bitalino Resurrection Board, and male headers onto the Bitalino components.

Now you can plug your components onto the Resurrection board and use it like you would a brand new Bitalino.


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