Bitalino EMG/ECG/EKG/EDA/LUX/ACC Sensors for Raspberry PI, PC, & Android (Retired)


The Bitalino was designed to allow developers and tinkerers to have access to sensors that most people only get to have experience with in medical and other professional (and extremely expensive) projects, but without the difficulty or the price tag. The regularversion of the Bitalino is designed to get you up and running as fast as possible, and can be connected and tested on the free OpenSignals software (link in the Technical Specifications section) right way.

You can use the built in micro-controller and Bluetooth (or direct connect to the Serial lines and bypass the Bluetooth), and the Bluetooth module that comes with the Bitalino is already compatible with the Virtuabotix BT2S Master (just set it to 115200 Baud). You can even directly wire the sensors to an Arduino and bypass the Bitalino core Micro-controller altogether, simply connect the output to an analog pin and provide the power, ground, and reference voltage needed for each sensor (see the hardware manual in the technical specifications for more information).

Note: You will need to break the sensor boards off of the Bitalino carefully if you want to use them on a breadboard or Arduino, and they cannot be re-attached as they were once this is done. You can still wire the sensors back to the main board manually though.

All in all this is one of the best ways to get access to the various sensors that are contained on the Bitalino, and it is well worth having if you are interested in working with robots or devices that respond to the human body.

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Package Contents:


EMG/ECG/EKG/EDA/LUX/Accelerometer Sensor Board for Arduino, PC, & Android

-1 x Main Bitalino Board
-1 x Bitalino Quickstart Guide
-1 x EMG sensor Module
-1 x ECG/EKG Sensor Module
-1 x EDA Sensor Module
-1 x LUX Sensor Module
-1 x Bluetooth Module (built in)
-1 x Accelerometer Module
-1 x LED Module
-1 x Power board (LIPO charging and power management)
-1 x LIPO (Lithium Polymer Battery)
-1 x 2-Lead Electrode leads
-1 x 3-Lead Electrode Leads
-5 x 1 inch Disposable Electrodes

Note: Because this product comes with a LIPO battery it cannot be shipped via USPS and must be shipped via UPS. If you would prefer to have other items shipped via USPS you should order this item separately.


Technical Specifications:

Sensor board Connection Type: Attached to Bitalino (Electrodes connect through Electrode Leads)


Electromyography (EMG): Measures the electrical activity produced by muscles as detected through the skin.

Electrodermal Activity (EDA): Senses sympathetic nervous system reactions.

Electrocardiography (ECG/EKG): Used to track and detect heartbeats.

Accelerometer (ACC): Used to detected the force of acceleration (like gravity) on itself. Useful for detecting orientation changes, and acceleration forces in vehicles. (See Virtuabotix Accelerometer for more information on Accelerometers).

Light (LUX): This sensor detects changes in ambient light and is generally used to control screen contrast or shutter speeds, but can be used for light tracking and many other applications.

Protocol and Microcontroller: The Bitalino board has a custom data acquasition and retrieval protocol that can provide as much as a 1000Hz (1Khz) sampling frequency which translates to 1000 samples per second, and can go as low as 1 sample per second.

Microsoft's Visual CMicrosoft's Visual C

More APIs coming soon…

download python API

download labview API

(kudos to Gonçalo Duarte)

view opensignals manual

view hardware manual

download opensignals software

download java API

java SDK on GitHub

(kudos to Paulo PiresI

Android Example on GitHub

(kudos to Paulo Pires)

download C# API

download Matlab API

Python + pySerial

Example on GitHub

python API documentation



Check out the OpenSignals application for Windows, it lets you watch your sensor data live, and best of all it’s FREE!

view opensignals manual

view hardware manual

download opensignals software

Recommended uses For use Human interface, bio-medical, and interactive electronic or application design.


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