Virtuabotix Bareduino Plus- Arduino Compatible Microcontroller with Power Regulator

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Need lots of Arduino Compatible controllers, but don't need the price tag of a full development platform?

This handy little kit is perfect for anyone who is experienced with Arduino Compatible Microcontrollers, and needs to include a lot more of them in his/her next project. If you follow the steps on this page making a project on a breadboard is a snap, tie as many ATMEGA328's together as you need to. The sky is the limit, and you don't have to buy in bulk to get a great deal!

The Bareduino Plus gives the added bonus of allowing you to power off an external rail without risk to your Bareduino and other 5 Volt devices.

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Package Contents:

1 x ATMEGA328P-PU (Bootloaded as Duemilanove which eliminates the need for an additional capacitor)
3 x 22 pF Capacitors
1 x 16 MHz Crystal
1 x 22 Kilo Ohm Resistor (pull-up for the reset line)
1 x 5V Voltage regulator
1 x 22 uF Electrolytic Capacitor (Make sure you put it at the right orientation)
Pin-out and Quick Reference Guide

Specifications (For standard build):

Processor: Atmega 328 |16 MHz Clock Speed

Memory: Flash 32 KB | EEPROM 1 KB |SRAM 2 KB

Pins: Digital I/O Pins 14 | Analog I/O Pins 6

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation): 6 pins

14 reviews for Virtuabotix Bareduino Plus- Arduino Compatible Microcontroller with Power Regulator

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This was everything I’d expected. Also the guides on Virtuabotix were very helpful. Altogether a great product. This makes for a nice addition to any prototyping arsenal.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    A good value with excellent customer service
    This is a convenient kit with all the essential parts for a DIY Uno clone. Saves you from sourcing the parts yourself and programming the Atmega processor or ordering a more expensive kit. I had originally been disappointed because I thought it came with the pictured breadboard, but the seller absolutely made it right and went as far as rewording the ad!!! I would definitely recommend it for any Arduino Uno (Duemilanova) based project.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Neat product, Great Support,
    I have purchased several Bareduino’s. My son and I have had lots of fun assembling them and using them. With a perfboard (not included) you can build a rather useful portable computer that runs on common batteries.

    The company provides great support, including replacement parts as need be. We had quite a few questions reflecting our limited knowledge of electronics. The company answered them all and we have since built many Bareduino’s.

    A few useful notes. You will need a breadboard and plug wires (not included) to build test Bareduino’s. More permanent versions can be constructed using a perfboard and a soldering iron. Once you have a constructed a Bareduino, you can program it with three wires (TX, RC, and reset) and an Arduino. The Arduino platform has many, many (free) libraries that can be used with a Bareduino.

    I would also suggest obtaining a multimeter before starting any project of this kind.


  4. Rated 4 out of 5

    Should have gotten the basic version

    I got the Bareduino with Power Regulator. Everything works great, and I was able to program it by both plugging it into the Arduino Uno board I have, and also by connecting some wires from the Uno board to this one. I only had to change my settings in the Arduino IDE to treat it as a “duemilanove”, and then the sketches uploaded without any problems.

    The power regulator I felt was a waste. Maybe it is fine for really simple things that you don’t plan to keep plugged in all the time, but if you are having to drop some serious voltage down to 5V (I am using 12V power, which is in the working range of the regulator) and you plan on keeping it plugged in for long, I would skip out on this. You should get a Buck Converter instead. Buck Converters are ~95% efficient. The Power Regulator is about 40% efficient at 12V. That can mean a lot of heat. I nearly burned my fingers when touching the regulator, and it was only controlling the Arduino and 3 other chips.

    Overall: Great kit, very economical, works well. Just wish I had spent $3 on a Buck Converter instead of $1 on the Power Regulator upgrade.

    • Great feedback, I should probably add a heat sync recommendation for use above 9 Volts. If you ever have any other improvements be sure to share them with us at the Virtuabotix site.

      Joseph Dattilo
      Founder Virtuabotix LLC

  5. Rated 3 out of 5

    Pict. doesn’t represent what you get

    you don’t get the protoboard, just the electronics, so it’s just an OK deal. they should make that more clear!!

    • Chuck,

      I appreciate the feedback, we added text to the picture to clarify that the breadboard wasn’t included with this package a while ago, but any suggestions on how we could best clarify the details would be much appreciated, and of course you are always welcome to return the kit under our 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is my goal to ensure that every customer gets exactly what they expect and more.

      Joseph Dattilo
      Founder Virtuabotix LLC

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Fun kit! Great to assemble

    The parts were exactly what I wanted.

    The biggest problem I had were the instructions, they left out some important parts and other parts were not as clear as I would have liked. I ended up having the browse through the real Arduino website finding information on putting the atmega on a breadboard.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    Have yet to use this kit… one of several I’ve purchased.
    Expect to use it as a core element of a battery powered
    arduino designed weather data station.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Super Fun

    I’m very happy I bought this – just for the experience of putting together a fully functional Arduino from a fairly simple kit. I followed the instructions on Virtualbotix website and referred back to the schematic that came with the kit. I used the regulator and a 9 volt battery to run the board. Since the ‘up charge’ for the regulator was what I would have paid for the regulator chip alone at Radio Shack, I’m good with buying the version I did.

    Instead of anything fancy, I uploaded my sketches using a $5 DB9 Serial to terminal strip TTL converter. Pretty sure that I didn’t change any voltage levels, but it sure made making the proto board connections easier. Send, Receive, Vcc, ground.

    This is so cool that I wished I would have bought a few more.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Just enough

    This package contains just enough parts to use it to control something for which you don’t really need an Arduino. I could buy the parts myself, but it’s not worth the trouble. I would like to see another version with connectors for power and maybe a battery case and then going to the next level a PCB.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cheap/easy replacement for full sized Arduino

    This is a easy little kit that contains everything (except for breadboard, which the kit is clear about) you need to build your own Arduino.

    Only gripe is that I built it in accordance with the instructions on their website, which I did but kept it all clean by trimming all leads to length. Only problem is when you add in the power components you have to move the 22pF caps to differently spaced pin location, which I can no longer do since they were cut to length. A few 20 cent caps later and it’s fine, but it was definitely annoying when I realized it.

    Overall a great product and I’d definitely pick up a few more if/when needed for projects.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pretty cool

    Virtuabotix really knows what they are doing! This is a nice bare bones kit and goes together easily. It is easy to download programs to it.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Awesome little kit. Be aware, it has Duemilanove boot loader. After burning the Arduino Uno all good.

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Build Your Own

    Sometimes you just don’t need a Arduino UNO board for your projects. I use this type of barebones to rig a simple test circuit.

  14. Rated 4 out of 5

    Great product at a good price
    I purchased this when it was time for my project to graduate from the Uno development board and become an independent controller. The parts arrived in a timely manner, it was exactly what I expected. I followed the web sites instructions for the basic configuration to test the parts. The instructions were easy to follow and everything worked the first time. I then moved the parts to a perf board which will be its final home. This is where having separate instructions for the Barearduino and the Barearduino Plus made things a bit difficult. Having a full set of instructions for the Barearduino Plus would be beneficial.
    Once assembled everything worked great.

    One suggestion: how about a version of the Bareduino (and/or Plus) that includes the IC header for perf board implementation?

    • Thanks for the awesome feedback! I will look into making the new Bareduino versions as soon as our next set of launches is complete. And I think some new guides are definitely a good idea. I was thinking about doing separate guides for particular applications with the Bareduino like putting them on a perf board or using it on a Versalino Uno PCB only.

      Let me know if any other ideas come to mind and I will be more than happy to explore their implementation.

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