Artec Space Projector Learning Set with Study Guide


Take one small step into your journey of space exploration with this Space Projector Learning Set from Artec!

In the box, you will find a detailed and fully illustrated study guide to help you learn about the differences between the types of celestial bodies, as well as an explanation for each of the images on the film disks.

Set up a mock observatory with the included Planet Observation Sheet. Attach the “planet” on a stick at one end, and project the images onto it from the other side. Can you tell different phases of the moon? Record your observations!

Using images courtesy of NASA & JPL-Caltech, you can turn your bedroom into your very own observatory!

Included are three space film disks, which contain twenty-four images of planets, satellites (moons), and galaxies & nebulas.

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IMPORTANT! Use in darkened room. Make sure to focus lens until images become clear from your distance.
Small Parts, keep away from small children. Do not point light directly into eyes. Do not store film disks in direct sunlight.

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Package Contents:

Artec Space Projector Learning Set with Study Guide

-Space Projector
-Film Disks x3
-Fully Illustrated Study Guide
-Planet Observation Sheet
-Spherical Screen with stand (3 pieces)
-Batteries included
(LR41 button batteries are included, and easily replaceable with a small screwdriver)

Exploring the Universe

When NASA first launched their Hubble Space Telescope back in 1990, I don’t think anyone could have dreamed of the complexities and sheer vastness of space before us.

Though it may be small, this space projector set provides a nice introduction to the amazing study of deep space! We really encourage you to do your own research and discover even more amazing images on sites such as and


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