Artec Principals of Electrical Current & Electromagnets


Did you know that electromagnets are used in motors, doorbells, headphones and many other things?

You already know that a magnet is always a magnet, but what exactly is an electromagnet, and why does it only work when an electrical current is running through it?

With this kit, your child will learn about the principals of electrical current, and electromagnets. By building your own 100-turn electromagnet, you'll see just how it works. You can conduct several experiments to learn how to check the polarity, adjust strength, and

You will also assemble and run a motor, learn about the parts and functions, and mechanisms of how it works.

Nurture a love for science! Included is a easy to understand and fully illustrated study guide that will help you and your child to plan the experiment, put that plan into practice, analyse the results, and improve upon them.

electrical current illustration

IMPORTANT Use under Direct Adult Supervision. Not suitable for children under 8 years. Surface can get hot. Kit contains Small Magnets; Choking hazard, Do not swallow! Please keep away from small children.

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Package Contents:

Artec Principals of Electrical Current & Electromagnets for ages 8+

– Battery Holder x 1
– Motor Case x 1
– 200-turn Coil x 1
– Bobbin x 1
– Plastic Core x 1
– Compass x 1
– Enameled Wire x 1
– Coated Wire x 1
– Armature x 1
– Shaft Retainer x 1
– Connecting Plug x 4
– Iron Core x 1
– Iron Bar x 10
– Study Guide for assembly and learning about Electrical Current & Electromagnets.


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