Artec Pressure Air and Water Robot Kit Artec


Much like the Queen song “Under Pressure” this Pressure Air and Water Robot Kit Artec teaches you how pressure moves things, exactly how your heart feels when Freddie Mercury hits those high notes!

But seriously, this nifty kit will teach you about how air and water can be used as mighty pressure forces that power machines!

This kit includes two syringes and a connection tube that can be used in conjunction to demonstrate how air and water can be used to move objects, tools, machines, and other things!

Follow the super helpful study guide (which is included) to perform experiments that will help you gain knowledge into the differences in pressure when using water and air. The study guide has step by step instructions for building three different models out of Artec Blocks that will be used along with the syringes. Once you have built a model, use the pressure in the syringes to bring it to life! Choose from a mighty inchworm, dinosaur, and a robotic hand, NEAT! The study guide features full-color photos and is informative and educational.

Sidenote: Calling all teachers, this an excellent learning companion for a lesson on pressure.
*Includes a full-color, educational, and informational study guide. For ages 6 and up… And BEYOND!

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Package Contents:

Artec Pressure Air and Water Robot Kit Artec

Cubic block x 34
Triangle block x 4
-Cuboid block A x 2
Cuboid block B x 1
-Rotator x 6
-Eye x 2
Tube x 1
Joint x 1
Syringe x 2
Instructions included


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