Artec Marvelous Molecules Kit introduction to Chemistry

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Do you know what molecules and atoms are?

In essence, they are smallest form of matter, and they are absolutely everywhere! Everything that exists within our universe, is composed of them (except for energy) water, air, cars, dirt, even you!

Learn all about the characteristics of different atoms and molecules with this kit, use the element symbols to decipher and learn how to put them together. Make a wide variety of molecular structures, such as water, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen, oxygen and many others, too!

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Use this kit as a jumping off point, and go out into the world and learn more exciting things about molecular science! There are many different classes of molecules, and hundreds of types that have been discovered so far. You can find an amazingly huge amount of knowledge surrounding the microscopic world of chemistry, and scientists never stop searching for new answers.

Nurture a love for science! Included is a easy to understand and fully illustrated study guide that will help you and your child to plan the experiment, put that plan into practice, analyse the results, and improve upon them.

IMPORTANT Use under adult supervision. Contains small parts, keep away from small children!

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Package Contents:

Artec Marvelous Molecules Kit introduction to Chemistry for Ages 6+

– Ridged Plastic Sticks x 12
– Translucent Plastic Case x 1
– White Atom x 20
– Black Atom x 6
– Red Atom x 6
– Yellow Atom x 2
– Green Atom x 2
– Blue Atom x 2
– Study Guide

What is a Molecule?

By definition, a molecule is a group of atoms bonded together, representing the smallest fundamental unit of a chemical compound that can take part in a chemical reaction.

Molecule is a derivative of the latin word, “molés”, which means ‘mass.’ Atom comes from an ancient Greek word, “atomos” meaning indivisible, and it's true, you cannot split an atom. However, they are great at forming bonds and will group together!

Now, atoms are far too small to see with the naked eye, so scientists came up with Atomistic Models to represent them.

Ball and stick models are a pretty common way to represent molecules, and sure enough, in this kit, you will find a variety of little balls that represent atoms, and plastic sticks!

With these, you can follow along with your guide book and learn what a bond is, some different types of bonds, and what a compound is, as well.


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